Who can know everything?

What if there are new unpublished developments the broker doesn’t know about? And how can a broker know about all unpublished decisions? If something is missed, the result is often overpayment of customs duties – your overpayment.

Almost all of our clients were surprised at the extra duty relief and refunds we generated for them, and many are sophisticated importers.

How will you know?

If your competitor who imports the same thing you do applies for an Advanced Ruling and gets duty relief, will he or she call you to share the good news?

Take the road to knowledge

If we’ve contacted you to offer our service, say yes. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. We contacted you because we have reason to believe we can help you lower your customs duty exposure. Perhaps we already have an unpublished decision or two relating to your imports. Or, perhaps we have a rationale for new duty relief on some of your products. If such an advantage is available along with a refund, why wouldn’t you take it?

Can we share our information with you?

Our clients get access to all applicable duty relief information which we’ve researched. As our client, you can take any favourable ruling we give you to your customs broker and apply it on your next importation to realize immediate duty savings.