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No one has a monopoly on information or services. We partnered not only with each other, but also with like minded services beyond our geographical borders.

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Office Supply Company

Dear M Ouellet: Your request for "a letter of recommendation if (we) have been satisfied" was referred to the undersigned. In 40 years in business, there have been very few instances where I felt inclined to write such a letter - in your case, I cannot do so either,...

Shower and bath industry

To whom it may concern, On behalf of MAAX Bath Inc., we would like to express our appreciation to the ALB Group for the excellent and dedicated services they have been providing to us. To provide some background, following audits from CBSA, we received notice of...

RV Industry

To Whom It May Concern: Please be advised that Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc. has used the services of ALB Consulting Group Inc. for the past two years and we are absolutely delighted with the results. Prior to that, we had been using a major law firm and a major accounting...

Electrical power distribution

Dear Sir, This confirms the professional services we contracted and received from ALB Groupe conseils Inc. 15 Richardson, Beauharnois, (Quebec) J6N 2S9. The above consultants represented by Mr. Marco Ouellet has audited our customs duties transactions of prior years...

Park and public safety products

To Whom it May Concern, We engaged ALB Group to review our imported items for correct classification. Their work was prompt, professionally done and complete. The reports we received were on time, the corrections well documented. We were able to save several thousand...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using Trade's services?

Expert and accurate reporting will save you costs in the long run and allow you to cost more efficiently.

What is a Custom Broker & Why do you need one?

More than 227,000 importers deal with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) annually. Most rely on the services of a licensed customs broker to get their shipments cleared at the border. For each of these transactions, reams of critical business data must be generated, about everything from country of origin and destinations, to suppliers, tariff classifications, routings, and intended use. Traditionally, importers rely on customs brokers to pull that information together and clear the goods through customs. But many importers are learning that it is only part of the story. Customs brokers are now helping importers leverage that information, transforming data into critical business intelligence. Customs brokers are offering a growing range of specialized services to help importers develop new product lines, explore new markets, evaluate the impact of global change, and cut costs.

Is there a charge for verification if all our transactions are correct?

No. There is no charge because we work on performance. So if we don’t find anything, there is no charge. The main advantage of this type of service is that it is advantageous for you and for us to find refunds because the more we find, the more we get paid. So we work for you.

What is the process of having our files verified?

There are several ways and all starts with the first step of obtaining a FIRM report from the CBSA. With the FIRM report, we can identify the potential issue that can generate refunds/credits. Once the transactions are identified, we can go on site to scan the import transactions. However, as most importers are now going the ”paperless” route, the electronic files can be transfered to us via Google Drive, Dropbox, Teams, or any other platforms. Files can also they could be copied on a USB stick/key and send to us. Alternatively a file drop link can also be provided on request.

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