To whom it may concern,

On behalf of MAAX Bath Inc., we would like to express our appreciation to the ALB Group for the excellent and dedicated services they have been providing to us.

To provide some background, following audits from CBSA, we received notice of assessment, which resulted in significant duties to be paid. MAAX imports products from various countries and we rely heavily on our brokers for duties compliance, and we have little resources internally to challenge CBSA positions. We then decided to test ALB Group to support us and the result was a great success. They handled everything very professionally and won all of their arguments with CBSA, which resulted in eliminating almost all of duties that were payable. Furthermore, they advised us on how to avoid such issues in the future, which is very helpful.

We recommend working with ALB Group to any organization as a true business partner. They have a high service level and their staff is knowledgeable and efficient. They are a pleasure to work with at every level.


Martin East

Director of management accounting